Posted: June 28, 2012 in Prayers, Thoughts on God
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Father. I love you. I want to be just like you one day when I grow up.

I know that so many boys think this at one point or other in their young lives. For whatever reason as we grow older and see our fathers for what they are (sinners, just like the rest of us. No longer perfect in our eyes.), we begin to seek ways to do our own things.

Too many fathers these days are simply just not trying to emulate our Holy Father in their parenting strategems.

We have a wonderful example of what perfect parenting entails in how he demonstrates his love (agape, a kind of deep love that defies what we normally can understand or grasp) for his children.

We are incapable of being perfect parents (see. Romans 3:23) but knowing we have such a perfect model to aspire to warms my heart greatly.

Remember therefore that you can never get to old to say “Father. I love you I want to be just like you.” and you can mean it knowing that the father you want to be is the father he wants you and calls you to be.


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