Today is a day when we have an un-forgiveness in pandemic proportions. The very definition of a pandemic is;  “an epidemic of an infectious disease that spreads through human populations across a large region, like a continent.”

In this way, un-forgiveness has spread to become the normal for our culture. Not only are we encouraged to hold grudges by popular media, many are taught from a young age by our parents to seek justice to those who do wrong, typically to a fault.

Christians aren’t exempt from this pandemic, in fact we are more susceptible to it. It’s the history repeats theory. God’s people have continuously turned their backs on Him, we’ve repeatedly turned from His ways and forsaken His love.

When someone does not show forgiveness, its a fairly clear indicator that he or she does not have a right relationship with God or at least doesn’t fear or truly believe in His power. If you struggle with forgiveness because he or she just doesn’t deserve it, or what they did was so bad that if God just understood how you felt, He would understand. It really doesn’t matter what un-forgiveness you are struggling with because if you can genuinely just stop, and have a moment with God, would you consider that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for your sins to be forgiven as the epitome of true forgiveness?

Than when Jesus said in his famous prayer model, “Forgive me just as I forgive others!” or “Forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  Matthew 6:12

Dear Lord, I come to you broken and softhearted. I ask that whoever casts their eyes on this will only see what you want to be seen, God I know there is someone who needs to hear a word of encouragement to push them into your arms of forgiveness, I ask that their hearts become like moist clay in your potter’s masterful hands. I know you can rebuild their hearts and mold them in your perfect will, please Father, In the matchless name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen



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