God and his will

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

When God the father allows us to enter into the storms of our lives why are we so eager to either blame him or forsake his presence in the situation.

For example, when God allows something bad to happen to someone we are quick to forget Job. When did we proclaim sovereign rule over circumstance in our lives?

Gods will and plan is not for a perfect, problem free life. God does not discriminate his will if the sitiation is worse than others. If you were mugged. If you are an addict. If you are a rape victim. If you are discriminated, hated, or broke. Your situation is not so bad that God has forsaken your purpose. With ever painful situation God is giving you a chance to honor and obey him.

If your opinion is that a loving God would be no where near a rape pregnancy for example, and you think that there are just some things God cannot work through, jusf look at Calvary.

He let his own son come and take our sins onto his sinless countence. He forsaw and allowes him to be beatem to a bloody pulp, spit on, defaced, degraded and DESROYED. They peirced his hands and shoved a crown of spikes into his skull and they mocked him and top it off they made him carry his death hanger to his place of death. This is the epitome of “Gods will” and the most painful and agonizing death of the day is planted firmly in the center of it.

So when the storms of life arise let us not be so quick to forget God. He did not send his son to die so we could forget him. Why we remember the cross? Its a symbol of the sacrifice he made for us and a reminder that Gods will does not mean he approves of the horrible things we suffer in life, but he provides his will for the way we react to these situations. How can you honor God today?


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