My name is Michael Hunter. My story is simply the testimony of one who has found Jesus.

It is my prayer and hope that by sharing my personal story of salvation in its entirety will bless someone in Jesus’ name. Amen,

I am a Canadian, who while living without knowing the love of Jesus, I met my wife on the internet.

I was made aware of her faith in the Lord on Easter when she explained what her family does on the Resurrection Day. Upon being made aware, I struck out and called her Jesus stupid and that Christianity was stupid. I firmly believed in a ‘higher power’ but foolishly thought that as humans we didn’t have the right to ‘think’ we knew who or what God is/was. And even if we did, how dare any of us ‘push’ our spiritual views on anyone else.

I suppose I had a hippyesque attitude to freedom of belief and tolerance to ALL beliefs. Either way, we fought over it and she stopped talking to me.

After a while we re-connected and I fell madly in love with her. I stopped using the common phrase of GD upon her request and that’s where my transformation started.

I began to realize that Jesus did exist and that he died for me. I couldn’t compute how God on earth could go through such a thing for MY benefit.

I moved to USA to live with my soon to be wife. I know that a saved believer of Christ should not marry an unbeliever but I am so glad that she married me because I would still be lost today if we did not get together.

After a while living in the states, my grand-mother-in-law invited me to church with her and because I had nothing else to do, I thought that it would at least give me time to bond with her.

BOY! what a confused person I was, I not only bonded with her, I was introduced to a small church of 60 members who all treated me with a love that I didn’t understand. They did not know me, they had no reason to be open and kind in my eyes, but they were. I was overwhelmed with their love. I started thinking, “Is this how Jesus is? Do they attempt to mime his love for them? Is this the kind of person a Christian should be? This ISNT what I expected.”

How can you not feel God tugging at your heart strings when you are immersed in His love!? My heart was softened by this point and it was like I had a spiritual nitro boost. Sunday became the day I most anticipated.

Now you can imagine how I’m feeling at church. Worship started and slowly and surely I would also start singing, when  at first I would just stand up and watch everyone else sing, wondering why  I could not sum the courage to open my mouth too.

It seemed like every sunday, pastor Blackmon was talking DIRECTLY TO ME! It wasn’t until his wife (who was the sunday school teacher in the pre-worship class I was in) Mrs. Blackmon gave me a tract after church one day, that I really sat down and examined my spiritual inventory.

A couple days after, while my wife was in the Health department, I sat in the car reading the tract that Mrs. Blackmon gave me. I read it through two times because the first time I read it, I became afraid to read the prayer of salvation.

My hands were shaking and I had tears rolling down my cheeks as the second time through, I stopped and read the prayer of salvation out loud.

I acknowledged that I believed that Jesus is God’s son, who he sent to earth to take up all of my sins and the sins of every man, bear them on his shoulders and than die for me. I also acknowledged that without Jesus taking my sin, I would be doomed to hell and an eternity without knowing God, being apart from him.

This day was October 18, 2009.

I have been in love with my savior since.

He has delivered me from many situations that I would no doubt have stumbled into without him.

God has saved my marriage, God has saved my child who was born 2lb. God has performed many miracles in my life and I know fully that I would be a lost, unhappy, prisoner of this world if it was not for coming to know Jesus.

If I could share just one thing about my walk that I would wish and pray that anyone hearing this story would take from it, is that

I THOUGHT I was free. I THOUGHT I had peace, I THOUGHT I was happy.

But apart from God, I had none of those. I have never felt more free. I have never been more at peace. I have never experienced this love and happiness and I know that without Jesus, I would still be prisoner to this world, but the worst part is, I wouldn’t EVEN HAVE KNOWN IT!

Trust Jesus. He loves you and he proved that by giving his life so that you can have the opportunity to live yours and have eternal salvation.


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